We take great pride not only in our show dogs, but the dogs we have sold as family pets. We love to hear from you!

Here are some of the emails we have received from owners. Please be patient while this page loads as there are a lot of photos to download.

Recently arrived photos from some of our owners.
Max and Ty
Jennifer & Scott
"Max" and "Ty"

HugoTo: Buddysrus
From: Patrick, Ana, and Hugo

Good to hear from you! Yes, everything is going well here with Hugo - I've included some more recent shots of him out enjoying the summer with this email, though they don't really do justice to the amount of hair that he's now filled in with! It's also tough to get any action shots of him: it seems the only time he's still enough to take a picture is when he's unconscious in his bed.

He seems to have settled in to our household routine quite well now, and has completely won the hearts of all the members of our extended family. When we went away this summer for a week, Ana's parents were happy to see us go since it meant an entire week with Hugo all to themselves. He is slowly discovering more and more of his 'inner dog': we've only just recently heard him use his voice to try and scare off strangers at the door, but the bark he produced seemed to scare himself more than the pizza delivery guy it was directed at.
As I write this email I'm reminded of a pleasant surprise we've had with Hugo: specifically he seems to enjoy sleeping in. As someone who grew up with dogs which insisted on waking up the whole house with whining starting at 6am, Hugo's preference to sleep past 8am on the weekends has been fantastic!

All the best,
Patrick, Ana, and Hugo


MojoTo: Buddysrus
From: Roberta, Sydney and Mojo

Hi there

All is really well thank you. Prince Mojo is also really fantastic! I have been trying for weeks now to compose an email to you and everytime i sat down something came up.

I have to say whatever it is your dogs are made of certainly rubs off on the offspring. We could not be happier with Mojo. He travels with us everythwere.
I am attatching a couple pics.

Roberta, Sydney and Mojo


This cute photo comes from Darla - Piper & Jax's person
Piper & Jax

To: Buddysrus
From: Sig & Deb

I am finally sending you a couple of pictures.  The girls are doing just great.  Sig brought them in to see my class on Friday and the kids were just thrilled.  Thanks you for raising such wonderful little dogs.

Salin & BellaSalin & Ella

This lovely photo comes from Peanut & Bella's family.
Bella & Peanut

The following photos were sent to us by Ewok's people.


Puppy Class Graduation


NEW! Update (February 18, 2011): Hello! We just saw the testimonial of Ewok on your website, it's adorable!! Thank you for putting him on there! He's doing very well, we are planning a 1 year birthday party for him in a few weeks and we just got him a new doggy carrier. :) Here are some more recent photos of Ewok. Hope all is well with you and your family!!


LuluTo: Buddysrus
From: Angi & Baby Chi

Hope all is well with you and the family.
Here are a few pics of BabyChi (LuLu).  A few taken in Ottawa, Thanksgiving weekend and a couple of her "Sweet Pea" halloween costume.:>))

Warmest regards,


Lulu Lulu Lulu

From: Mimi, Lola & Tara

Hi Deb! Mimi is AWESOME! She’s a riot!

She’s quite the character!

Lola and Mimi get along famously. Lola is like a Mommy with her…playing with her…but keeping her in line too! The two of them are ripping around the house as I type this!

The kids and I love her to bits! Thank you for letting us take her home!


Mimi  Mimi

Mimi  Mimi

From: Bailey & Elvis

Hi Brian and Deb,

Sad that Elvis and I couldn’t make it to the reunion this year, but looks like you guys had fun!

Here are some recent pictures of Elvis, he just turned 2 September 14th and he’s doing great!

Thanks so much for everything! My life wouldn’t be the same without Elvis ♥.


Elvis ElvisElvis

To: Buddysrus
From: Taco & Abby

Hi Deb.
Taco is doing well. He's got so much energy, loves just running back and forth tiring himself out. 
Here are some pictures of him, he's a cutie.  I'll send more as soon as I get around to taking them.
Thanks for everything, another update coming soon!!

Taco Taco

Tootsie & Twinkie's owner recently sent us these lovely photos.
Twinkie Twinkie & Tootsie
Twinkie Tootsie & Twinkie

ArtieTo: Buddysrus
From: Zachary & Artie

Hey Debbie,

I just wanted to email you guys and give you a quick update on how Artie is doing since his first birthday is coming up on the 30th.  He is doing absolutely amazing and has adjusted very very well.  When you told me he was a "happy puppy" I thought you were just saying that but clearly he is a very happy puppy!!!  He is fully house broken and does an array of tricks!!  I have uploaded a couple pictures for you to see how he has grown up. 

I want to thank you again for providing me with such an amazing puppy!!

Again thank you so much for everything and please email me if you have any little ones like Artie, boy or girl for I think he would be really excited to have a friend at home!! 

Hope all is well with you and I look forward to hearing back from you.....enjoy the pics!!!




This cute photo comes from Cody & Chloe's family.
Cody & Chloe

From: Fran

Simon is doing very well, he is very playful and energetic!  He has been a wonderful companion and is the star wherever we go, he is building confidence more and more each day.  Something interesting about him is he gathers everything he can find (towels, rugs, socks, his toys and the cats toys, blankets, slippers, and more) and piles them in the living room.  I found him sleeping on top of the pile of stuff today.  He is quite the clown.  Also he has discovered his bark, he only barks when he is playing with the cats, which is funny!

Simon    Simon

EdwardTo: Buddysrus
From: Shivawn & Edward


Hope all is well. Just wanted to give you Edwards update. The paper training is going extremely well, he's doing a great job, he has maybe one accicdent a day and the rest are all on his mat, Im amazed at how quickly he's has gotten the hold of it. 
He is also doing well with the socializing. The vet said that he shouldnt be with other dogs just yet, not until he gets his last shot, however I have still introduced him to people so he doesnt think him and I and the apartment are all that exist, without over whelming him ofcourse. My mom came by on saturday and my sister spend the day with edward and I today and he was so excited to see and play with someone new, he wasnt overly glued to me at all.
Its amazing how much I learn about him each day. Each day more of his personality comes out, its great! And ive included a picture of edward getting ready to go to his vet appointment on saturday morning. 

A Note from BuddysRus: The following story shows the temperament of a well bred & raised Chihuahua. A Chihuahua that has not had the upbringing we give our puppies, would have snapped out of fear.

ChewiTo: Buddysrus
From: Sheri

This is one of the most precious pictures that I have!

I would like to introduce you to Marissa, she is 5 and has a severe global developmental delay.  She is still learning to walk and gets around by crawling, she has no words so she doesn't communicate like you and I. BUT she is able from time to time to show everyone in her life that they are important.

She learned how to give kisses a little while ago but Chewi was not one to want to be on the receiving end because her kisses are "open-mouth" kisses. 

Chewi was sitting on my lap and I was preparing an email with my BB when my husband brought Marissa over for a goodnight kiss.  Instead of leaning into me she kept leaning into Chewi.  Seemed like she was determined to let Chewi know that she loves him too!  Unfortunately a camera on a BB isn't as accurate as I would like because I took it to soon and missed the kiss but still, all in all, this is a pretty SPECIAL photo of a very special girl and a special little dog.  :o)

Hope you guys are having a great New Year!



Update (January 22, 2009): ok so i buy the mini couch for chewi and nikki...i buy a BIG bed for otis.
otis sleeps on mini bed with chewi.  ;o) too cute not to share!

Update (November 17, 2009):
Ok so is this cute or what?!  lol.
This is my son Colton, who most times prefers one of the dog beds to his own and quite pleased with himself because Chewi perched on his lap.



NEW! Update (January 6, 2010):

I thought you might find this cute.  Chewi  and Pixie took over Otis' pad.  lol!

ChiquitoTo: Buddysrus
From: Chiquito's Family

hi debie&brian  thank you for this lovely little puppy he is amazing he is now 9 month old and we loveeeeeeeee him very much he folow me every second even when i take a shower he wants to be there,when i wash the dishers i have to stop to wash and to take him in my hands i do everything with him :)thanks


RoxyTo: Buddysrus
From: Cindy, Kevin & Roxy


Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

Just wanted to catch you up on how wonderful our dog Roxy, who is now 5 years old, is.  She was house trained in two days and has learned many cool tricks.  She is also on the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog program try out list for March 2009 because of her gentle loving nature.  She is the most perfect dog I could had ever wished for, health wise, calmness, intelligence, and of course great looks.  I really hope to get a little sister for Roxy from you in the very near future.  We love the fact that all your dogs receive lots of TLC in your home and that your puppies get off to the most ideal start in their tiny lives and put into selected homes.  Thanks for allowing our family to have such a precious life in our home.

Sincerely Cindy and Kevin


Update (August 11, 2009):  Hello Brian and Debbie

Roxy is now a proud certified St. Johns Ambulance Therapy Dog.  She passed her lengthy tests with ease and will now visit the elderly in our local old age home.  Roxy is such a joy to our family and now I can share that joy with others in need. 

Chico is a very attractive, healthy and happy 4 pound dog.  I can't believe he is already approaching his first birthday.  Roxy and Chico are the best of friends and have grown very fond of each other.  He keeps us all entertained with his antics and Roxy on her toes and young at heart.

Sincerely, Cindy and Kevin


We received this beautiful photo from "Marilyn's" family.

 To: Buddysrus
 From: Donna and "Piglet"

  Hi,  here are two pictures of Dona Linda (we
 call her Piglet). Piglet's big brothers are a  Chihuahua mix (Rocky) , and a white shepherd  named Beauregarde.  She is our princess.  

TitoTo: Buddysrus
From: Kevin, Missy & Tito

Hi Debbie,

Sorry it has taken so long to send you pictures. Tito has been a real treat, he is a great personality and has grown up to be a great dog. He has just turned 1yr last weekend and is now  5.5lbs. He spends most of his time during the day sleeping, perferable on or beside one of us if we are home. When he is awake he is enegetic, and lovesTito meeting other dogs of all sizes and kids, he is a little timid with new adults but he warms up to most of them pretty quickly. He does have a bark, but he seems to perfer his quiet wimper to get your attention. He will bark once or twice at the door bell and sometimes he sits on the stairs and lets out a little gruff at people and cars passing in the window. This summer he was at the cottage with his friend Molly and they loved chasing each other in the tall grass and playing tug a war with a rope. He is a fast swimmer but he is not to sure about running into fetch things from the water. He does love to fetch toys and sticks or be chased around outside. He walks well on a leash but will also stay close when off leash. Sometime soon we will bring him out so you can see him.

Kevin, Missy and Tito


From: Amanda

Here are some pictures of little Nala. We love her so much!! 
Thanks again!

Update (January 2, 2009):

Just wanted to send you a few new updated pics of Nala. She is doing great and had a great time with friends of ours while we went on our cruise at Christmas. 
Talk to you soon,
Enjoy the pictures



NalaUpdate (March 11, 2009): Just wanted to say hello and send some pictures of our little nugget from her birthday party! 
Today is her birthday. Thought you would enjoy the pics!!
 Andrew, Amanda and little Nala :)

Nala Nala

Update (August 11, 2009):

Hello there,

Here are some more recent pictures of our beautiful girl.
Thanks so much,
Amanda & Andrew :)


Nala Update (October 31, 2009):

Thought you all might enjoy this... "My little pumpkin"
Happy Halloween everyone :)

Amanda & Little Nala

Update (November 27, 2010):

More pictures of our Princess :)

To: Buddysrus
From: Dan & Terri
 Our little Brewser was with us for such a very short while--not even a year..but in the brief time we had with him he touched our hearts and his loss is deeply felt.

 Brewser came into the world on July 26th, 2007 and for the first twelve weeks of life he was cared for and loved by Buddysrus, the breeders, Debbie and Brian Eckenstein.

 On October 10th, 2007 he came into our lives...he was much loved and cared for. He filled the loss of another companions loss. He had a sparkling personality and he was the most kind caring little guy you could ever want to have as a companion. He did not cause any problems, barked only on rare occasions and was our constant companion.

 He loved his walks, he loved his treats and he was never ever alone... He grew in strength and progressed well and then on one memorable day, May 22nd, 2008 he developed a head tilt and began circling.

 Numerous trips to the vet, several procedures at an emergency hospital determined that his neurological symptoms where not genetic, but from an unknown source. A strict regimen of medications began immediately. Sadly, they were not enough to save Brewser.

 Some of the meds designed to assist with his neurological symptoms had attacked his liver. He was five pounds and too small to tolerate the medications. His liver failed and we had had to make the most painful decision.

 On July 14th, 2008, twelve days shy of his first birthday, Brewser's suffering ended. He went to sleep in the arms of his family and he was not alone. He will not be forgotten as his little spirit touched many in the short time we had with him. We had him in good times and this makes his passing all the more painful.

Update (March 23, 2009): Dan & Terri now own 2 of our boys, Odin & Monty. Here is a picture of them getting some excerise on a nice day.
Odin & Monty


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